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What are Content Pillars?

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As an interior designer, you definitely have a lot on your plate, from design consultations, presentations, site visits and installs, trying to add creating content to your schedule can seem like the last thing you feel like doing. However, creating content for your interior design business is part of a well-balanced marketing strategy.

Realistically you need to know that the time and energy you spend creating that content will be as effective and efficient as possible.

Enter Content Pillars!

You may have heard the term before or maybe this is a term that is completely new to you but either way in today’s post I wanted to dive into exactly what it means and why you should be establishing content pillars and creating a consistent piece of pillar content in your interior design business.

What are content pillars? Image of neutral Living Room with design by Madison Subry

What are Content Pillars?

I want you to think of content pillars as the foundational topics or themes that you would create content on and that your community and clients would come to you to learn more about or be educated about. Sometimes known as content buckets, they should be in line with your brand, relevant to your audience and provide a way to make your content marketing strategy a whole lot easier. It will also help you grow your audience and become an authority in your space

A good way to think about your content pillars is to imagine your business or brand as a magazine. Being in the design industry we have all flipped through a beautiful design magazine and we typically know what different sections to expect in our favourite publications. You might have things like the latest trends, project reveals, educational articles and interviews.

I want you to think about your content pillars in the same way, if your brand was a magazine what sections would you include? Here is one example of what some broad content pillars could look like for an interior business:

  • Project Reveals (sneak peeks of your latest projects, full galleries, rooms any new work you’ve produced)
  • Education (How-To’s, Tips and Advice, Q&A’s
  • Inspiration or Get the Look (Scroll Stopping Saves, LTK product round-up)
  • Lifestyle (Recipes, Fashion, Behind the Scenes)
  • Personal (Family, Events, You)


Creating these overarching topics gives you a roadmap on what type of content you can be creating week to week. Brainstorming and creating a bank of ideas that fall into your different content pillars can provide you with a list of possible topics you can pull from when you may not be feeling inspired to write or create. It also makes mapping out your content calendar a breeze helping you avoid the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach and posting just for the sake of posting.

This content pillar approach can be used whether you are posting on Instagram or writing blog posts but my recommendation is to actually focus on creating a longer form piece of content that we like to call your pillar content first and then using that to craft your Instagram and email newsletters.

pillar content wheel graphic from Quin Creative House


What is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is a bit of a fancy marketing term for one piece of long-form content that acts as an anchor from which all other content can stem from.  It’s typically a fairly substantial, educational and informative piece that creates a foundation for the type of topics your community will come to you for. For interior designers, this could be blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos. If you aren’t currently producing this type of content then blogging is probably the easiest and faster type of content to create and can be a great medium to educate, inspire and reveal. You want it to be something that is long enough and meaty enough to then be broken down into small bit-sized pieces for repurposing across your other platforms.

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Make sure to keep an eye out next week for the next blog post all about repurposing your content including older content you may already have.

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Establishing your content pillars and determining the piece of pillar content you want to create will ensure you are well on your way to creating a simple and efficient content plan for your interior design business.


If you are looking for support with your content, make sure to check out our different content collections HERE!


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