5 Ways Dubsado Can Help you Streamline your Interior Design Business

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I’ve been such a big fan of Dubsado and have been using this incredible client management system since 2017 for my own business. It has allowed me to seamlessly capture leads, send proposals, create and have contracts digitally signed and have a ton of processes automated in my business. It saves a ton a time and (hopefully) allows me to come across as super professional.

As I’ve been working more and more with interior designers and hearing about their businesses, I was seeing how a program like Dubsado could be really beneficial to help streamline a lot of the initial project setup and client experience. So in today’s post I am sharing the 5 Ways Dubsado can help you streamline your interior design business.

Dubsado is a robust system that can perform a ton of functions but the following are a great place to start!

Automate Workflows:
Putting this one first as it’s probably the biggest reason that Dubsado can be a true workhorse for your business. It has the ability to take all the emailing back and forth, sending of investment guides, welcome packets, invoices, contracts, and proposals, not to mention booking time on your calendar off your plate. Creating workflows within Dubsado can automate basically everything in your process while still allowing you the ability to customize emails and documents so they don’t seem like a template. The possibilities are endless, you can even create different automated workflows depending on which service your potential client is interested in, making things super tailored to your business and all that you offer.

Create Stunning Forms
Within Dubsado you can create beautiful forms to send to your clients. You can create questionnaires, design approval forms, feedback forms, you name it. You can build whatever you need to send to your clients to gather information. And if you already have beautifully designed PDF Investment Guides or Welcome Guides you have the option of uploading those directly into Dubsado so you can include them in your workflows. Another beautiful thing about Dubsado is creating a lead capture form ( otherwise known as your contact form) to embed directly into your website so that anytime it gets filled out, the information gets imported directly into Dubsado, creating a project for them and then triggering a workflow.

Client Portal
How nice would it be to have a central hub to house all of the documents, invoices, contracts, and email communication so that your clients can access them whenever they need to? Enter the client portal. Within Dubsado you can setup portals for each of your client projects so that any communication and documents can live there. They will have a direct link and it’s password protected. A little bonus as with everything in Dubsado, the client portal can be completely branded to your business.

Digitally Sign Contracts
One of the most important things in business is making sure everything is legit and official. Having a contract is essential and the ability to get that contract signed in an easy way is even more important. Through Dubsado you can send contracts and any sub-agreements and your clients can digitally sign them. You will get notified when they have and it is all kept in their project file. You can say goodbye to using Adobe or having to ask a client to scan a document, sign it and send it back. Making things super simple for your clients is never a bad thing.

Calendar Scheduling
This feature is such a game-changer. Eliminate all the back and forth emailing with clients about their schedules and trying to make it work with yours. As a designer, you are always running in 1000 directions so having your availability set and having it coordinate with your own calendar will free up so much time getting calls on the books, not to mention managing all your appointments in one place.

**BONUS: Dubsado also integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks so if you are comfortable working and using QB for your purchase orders and procurement or even invoicing, you can continue using it alongside Dubsado. And the best part is this includes Canadian Quickbooks as well – something that other platforms don’t have the ability to do.

Dubsado can change the way you run your business and free up a ton of time so you can spend more of your day doing what you do best and that is designing and managing your projects. These five tips just scratch the surface of everything this program is capable of doing. It is a true powerhouse and can change the way you do business.

If you want to give it try, make sure to click on the image below to start your free trial. Dubsado allows you to try the program for free until you add in more than 3 clients to the system which means no 14-day trial that expires before you even have a chance to look at anything. And if you are ready to dive-in the link below will get you 20% off your first month or off a full-year payment.

Dubsado_LeadGraphic_KateQuin.jpg(Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and I would love it if you decided to use them. Should you decide to join I may receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you.)

If you have any questions about Dubsado please don’t hesitate to send an email to and let me know in the comments below if you are currently using it in your business.

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