Hi there! I’m Kate, a content curator & strategist, with a deep love for interior design and photography

Enneagram 6 and interiors obsessed... I live for any home design magazine, always dressed for comfort, and could break out some dance moves at any moment.


I had left my day-job thinking I was on my way to interior design school, but I was also being pulled into the online world. By combining these two passions my business was born.

I will never forget back in 2016 when I opened a fortune cookie at a get together, I cracked it open, took out the fortune and read it to myself. It said "you will have an exciting business adventure."

I loved interior design but I was also drawn to the online space, so instead of becoming a designer myself, I decided to combine my expertise of the digital landscape into a business where I can be surrounded by interior design AND flex my laptop skills.

What if I could blend my love for interiors with my love for digital marketing? So, I decided to create a new role for myself:
Interior Designer for Online Homes

Running an online business was a somewhat new concept 6 years ago, especially here in Canada but I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to learn from incredible online industry leaders like Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield, while absorbing everything about interior design I could get my hands on.

So after working with over 40 creative businesses here I am 5 years in, getting to work with amazing designers and look at beautiful photography all day long. Being able to combine business and digital marketing with my love for interiors has been a dream come true.

I love being a part of showcasing beautiful spaces in the online world, it brings me so much joy getting to see my clients work in the digital landscape.

When I'm not nose-deep in content plans you can find me having kitchen dance parties with my daughter, teaching hip-hop dance and loving on my pup Addie.


Kate is the founder & director of Quin Creative House. She's been in the online biz world for over 5 years and brings a wealth of knowledge in creating content and ensuring your art gets seen out in the world.

Super Fun



I love a work "uniform." Denim jeans and a white shirt are my go-tos. 


I've been teaching dance (specifically hip-hop) for the last 18 years


I have an embarassingly large collection of home design magazines dating back to 2001


I will forever be okay with rocking a side part (even it that makes me "old")

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Anything chocolate & peanut butter

celeb i'd love to meet

Leanne Ford

Guilty pleasure

Selling Sunset

alternate universe job:

World-renowned DJ

favorite place i've been:

Cap-Ferret in France

drink of choice

Moscow Mule (in a copper mug!)

can't live without

RayBan Sunnies

usually craving


beach vs mountains

Mountains, they are magical

favorite show to binge

Dream Home Makeover OR Get Organized

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