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Why Pinterest Needs to be Part of your Blogging Strategy

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It’s really no secret that being on Pinterest is something you’ve heard over and over again but the thought of trying to come up with a strategy on yet another platform can be super overwhelming. In my last post I talked about the 5 Reasons you need to be blogging for your business but today…I wanted to dive into the reasons why Pinterest needs to be part of your blogging strategy.

The most common misconception I see with Pinterest is that most business owners view it as another social media platform and who needs or has time to learn and be present on yet another social platform ( oh hey! Clubhouse…) but the truth is Pinterest is a search engine, and we need to wrap our head around the fact that users go to Pinterest the same way they go to Google. The goal is to find inspiration, solutions, advice and tips to help them solve a problem they may be experiencing. If your blog posts you are spending time writing can help them find the answers they are looking for then you definitely want to pop up in their search results on Pinterest.

In my opinion I strongly feel like blogging and Pinterest go hand in hand and you shouldn’t be doing one without the other. Think of all of the energy and effort you are putting into writing those blog posts only to have them sit there unread and unnoticed. You want to get as many eyes on those posts as possible which will in turn drive traffic back to your website. There really is no point in blogging if you aren’t going to take the time to get it onto Pinterest.

Pinterest is the top traffic driver to blogs especially in the creative and lifestyle space. Not to mention it is a technically FREE way to get that organic traffic and eyes on your website and content. Once you start introducing some third party tools like Tailwind to make pinning a breeze it will cost a small amount but it is completely worth it and allows you to automate the process as much as possible.

Pinterest is another great way to up the ante on your SEO ( search engine optimization) by injecting more keywords into pin descriptions, board descriptions and pin designs. You may notice that if you go to Google to search for something a lot of pins actually come up in the search and that’s because the keywords are pulling double duty for you by bringing up your pins in Google search as well.

The beauty of pinning your content to Pinterest is the ability for it to be evergreen, meaning that those pins will continue to work for you years down the road. Unlike Instagram where things can disappear after 24hrs you may have pins that end up driving a huge amount of traffic two to three years after you pinned them. Not to mention if one of your pins goes viral where a ton of people are re-pinning your content that can increase traffic in such a big way. Although it may take a bit of time to gain traction on Pinterest the pay offs over the long term will be worth it.

While this isn’t a tutorial post on how to use Pinterest – although I may do one down the road, there are a ton a great courses and resources available like Jenna Kutcher’s The Pinterest Lab or Vanessa Kynes Pin Progress. to really get you and running on Pinterest. I did want to leave you with a few key pointers you want to think about or make sure you have set up as you move forward on your Pinterest journey.

  1. Make sure you are set up as a business account. This will allow you to enable rich pins, claim your website and Instagram account to ensure that traffic is being directed to the right spot.

  2. Enabling Rich Pins. Rich pins connect all the information from your site or any products you are selling back to your website and allows your URL to be displayed.

  3. Putting a call to action in your profile description. Just another way to build your audience and get people onto an email list. Add a lead magnet or link to freebies right in your bio

  4. Make sure to include Pinnable Images and Pins directly in your blog posts so that people can save your content for later or to re-share on their Pinterest account

    I am so passionate about making Pinterest part of your blogging strategy so I hope this post was able to shed some light as to why it’s something you should be doing especially if you are spending time creating content for your blog. If you need any assistance with this make sure to reach out as this is what I help my clients do on a daily basis.

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Blog Post or Freebie

Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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