Why I love Asana and the course I took to learn the ropes

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As a virtual assistant and business owner you are usually handling numerous different things at one time. Whether that be multiple deadlines, projects, tasks or teams, you will most definitely need a place to house all of this in one place. You can say goodbye to email threads and things getting lost in the endless string of reply messages in your inbox.

Enter the project management system. There are so many options available to use (most of which have a free version – bonus!) that there really is something to suit every taste. My personal favorite, and I have tried a few, is hands down Asana.

When I first started my business I used Trello which I still use with certain clients and still enjoy for very specific things, however as I’ve transitioned into more project management, working with more teams and managing multiple people I have found Asana to be my go to. It gives me the ability to create projects in list form or board form if I need something more visual or for a project to move down a pipeline. I can break down each task into sub-tasks and assign each of those sub-tasks to different team members along with due dates for each of them, this is the stuff that makes my heart happy 🙂

I have created projects ranging from to-do lists, through to complete course launch plans, content calendars to hiring workflows, and Asana makes everything organized and in one place. A huge bonus for using a system like this is being able to communicate within the system itself on task specifics. This eliminates the need for countless emails to ask a question or solve an issue and then having to go back and find it later. I don’t know know about you but the ability to house everything that involved with one task in one spot creates an effortless system.


As you bring on more and more clients in your business or start adding more members to your team, you will hands down want to have a project management system in place, it will keep you more organized and your clients and/or team will appreciate the simplicity and ease of knowing where things are at with each project.

Asana is a robust software and has the ability to do some many things. I highly recommend you spend a bit of time poking around, learning the program and figuring out how you want to use it in your business. For me I’m all about efficiency and I knew I wanted to learn the ropes from an expert, someone who could teach me best practices , hacks, and all the tips and tricks. That’s why I decided to learn from the best and hop into AsanaHQ a course by Megan Minns who is a genius at systems. This course teaches you everything you need to know on how to use Asana in your online business and how to incorporate it for clients as well. Megan walks you through everything and even provides templates for projects so all you have to do is duplicate them and boom you have them in your own account.

I knew I wanted to learn and implement this program quickly in my business and for me that means learning from the best and putting skin in the game. If you want to do the same I highly recommend checking out Megan’s course AsanaHQ to get things rolling.


Let me know in the comments below if you have any more questions on how I use Asana in my business or if you would like to see a more in depth look at how I set up certain projects for my business and clients?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and I would love if you decided to use them. I will receive a small commission should you purchase through my link.

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Etsy sriracha williamsburg thundercats literally vinyl selfies distillery squid humblebrag. Glossier church-key subway.

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